The Rappahannock Historical Society owns photos and documents that are a valuable record of the history Rappahannock County and its people.

Our policies and procedures are designed to protect and preserve our priceless resources.  Funds from the sale and use of our archival contents help support our mission and goals.  RHS is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation relying solely on memberships, donations, and sales.

Conditions of Use for Images

  1. A Fair Use photocopy of an image is allowed for personal research use.
  2. Requests for permission to use an image must be made by submitting a completed copy of the RHS Permission Use Form. 
  3. An image can be used only once for the purpose(s) listed on the Permission Use form, which is approved by RHS staff.  All permissions are issued for the life of a project or program.  A second use of the image in any one project or program constitutes a separate use.  Additionally, each medium in which the image appears constitutes a separate use, including book, periodical, dust jacket or cover, brochure, broadcast video, recorded video/DVD, streaming video, CD/DVD, E-book, or website.  Different versions produced simultaneously, such as textbooks for different jurisdictions, count as one use.  Any editions produced at a later time constitutes a separate use and must be applied for in writing.  When provided, the photographer's name must be used in the credit line.

Reproduction Fees:                                                                                                                                                 

Digital files only:

            Jpeg or tif files - $50.00 per image

            Shipping and handling - $10.00 for digital file on CD


Prints (made from digital files):

            8 ½ x 11 - $75.00       

            11x14 - $140.00

            Shipping and handling - $5.00          


Use Fees:

            Personal Use (No publication or public presentation) - No use fee

            Display/Publication/Commercial Use - $75.00 per image per use  

            Research Fee - $20.00 per hour plus cost of any materials



Permission Request Form